A Prevention Step: Getting Insured

Prophylaxis is the word we hear the most nowadays. Starting from its specific, medical meaning up to the casual daily activities, prevention is the key-word for everything. Why is it better to prevent than to cure it is already known. Being one step ahead of danger gives you the upper hand.

Every day in this crowded and busy century is a challenge. Starting with the banal wake-up in the morning when for instance you can slide on the bathroom wet floor and up to the last moment of the day in the evening when you can find your house emptied by thieves, every moment has its hazards. And if to these you pile up also some professionals risks – like for instance those implied by being a cop – then this is for sure a receipt for disaster.

And what is the most disappointing is the fact that you can never know or guess when bad things will happen to you or the extent of damage. Actually nobody can. But what you can do it is to be ready for it, to be prevented that bad things happen and find a way to minimize the damages.

Modern society that tries to find redemption for all evil could not refuse the challenge to find a way for modern man to buy his peace of mind in the form of insurance. And although seems pointless investing money in something that might not give you back any benefit, it proves its utility every time you are faced with an unpredictable event. Yet another argument in its favor it is the small contribution you make periodically for a large indemnity in case of any occurrence. The beneficiary of this sum is not mandatory the holder of the insurance, but also his family or another designated person. So if an accident happens to you, your family will be still taken care of. Sometimes even legal or contractual requirements predict getting a professional indemnity as being one necessary step for business with great hazards implied. The need for security is getting greater as day goes by and technology evolves, accent moving from the machine to people.

So why should you wait for the sky to fall down? How can you undo things after they happen? Does anybody can? Unfortunately nobody can. But at least you will not have to worry also for the material side of life. It is true that money doesn’t bring you happiness, but for sure it can contribute to it.

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